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1) What are your hours and where are you located?

We are open 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Last wash is at 9:30 PM. Last dry is at 10:15 PM. Doors lock at 10:20 PM (no re-entry after 10:20 PM). We have two convenient Lubbock locations. 6411 University Avenue (Caprock Commons shopping center next to Pets Plus) and 2611 34th Street. 


2) What makes Caprock Laundry Center different than other laundromats?

We are a Lubbock-based, family owned business. We believe in providing top-notch customer service and making your laundry experience easy and convenient. Caprock Laundry Center is the only laundromat in Lubbock, Texas to offer Spyderwash machines, which accept both debit & credit cards. Our state-of-the-art machines, friendly & knowledgeable staff, combined with comfortable facilities make for the best laundry experience on the South Plains!


3) How long does it take to do my laundry at Caprock Laundry Center?

Our brand new, Speed Queen & SpyderWash machines are highly efficient! Most wash cycles take approximately 20 minutes. Dryer time depends on the size of machine you choose, but average around 15 minutes.


4) Do you offer Drop-Off service?

Yes, our Drop-Off Wash & Fold service is available to households and commercial accounts. Drop-Off service starts at $1.60/lb for light soil ($10 or 8 lb minimum). Comforters & Tablecloths are $3/lb.  Same day service is available depending on time of drop-off. We accept cash, debit/credit card & Apple Pay for Drop-Off service.

5) How many washers & dryers do you have?

We have 42 washers and 41 dryers. Six of our machines are traditional top-loaders. Our biggest washers are 60 lb. and can wash approximately 5 loads of laundry at one time!  We also have a 75 lb. dryer which can dry approximately 6 loads at one time! Learn more on our services page.


6) Which size washer & dryer should I use for my clothes?

You can fill front load washers nearly completely full, but not so full that the door won’t close. We recommend you only fill dryers about ½ full, as they need plenty of room to tumble and allow the heat to dry them.  If you have any questions about which size machine to use, feel free to ask one of our attendants for advice.


7) Do you sell soap and fabric softener?

Yes, we have a soap and fabric softener vending machine with a wide variety of detergent and fabric softener available for purchase.


8) Do you have free WiFi and TV?

Yes! Free guest WiFi is offered for all laundry customers. We also have free TV to keep you entertained while you do your laundry.


9) Are your laundromats staffed with an attendant?

Yes! Caprock Laundry Center hires the most knowledgeable and friendly people on the South Plains! We aim to make your experience pleasant by making sure we have attendant available to answer any questions you may have about our machines, as well as assist you with Drop-Off and Ironing services. They are ready to help you with your laundry needs! 

10) Do you take coins or pre-paid cards?

Caprock Laundry Center is the only laundromat in town to accept coins, debit & credit cards! Most of our machines take quarters but we also have the Spyderwash machines which accept debit & credit cards for your convenience.  We do not use pre-paid cards, as these are easily misplaced and can only be used at a certain laundromat. With many payment options you spend only what you need to spend to get the laundry done.

Commercial account welcome!

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